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The technology that is embedded into SAVASA’s double layer security system ensures every resident maximum protection against any threat or danger.


All perimeter walls will by monititored by CCTV and infrared beam sensor to protect the area from intruders.


SAVASA's Smart Security adopt a one Gated System that centralize security check in one location, thus minimizing the security personnel manpower cost.


Our Home Network System makes your home a Safer Place. All Houses in SAVASA come equipped with Panasonic Home Network System which consists of: 2 Indoor & Outdoor CCTV camera, 1 hub, 1 motion sensor, 1 window/door sensor, 1 Smart Plug and 1 Digital Cordless Phone.


Home Monitoring

Remotely check if your kids have safely returned home using an indoor camera. You can be notified that your kids have safely got home on your smartphone or tablet using a door sensor, motion sensor, or the indoor camera's built-in motion sensor.

You can see and communicate with your kids using the indoor camera's built-in mic and speaker via your smartphone or tablet, while you are on a business trip.

Home Safety

Check who is visiting your home remotely and at home. An outdoor camera is equipped with video motion detectors that, when activated, send an alert to your smartphone or tablet. You can also check who is visiting at your home and start talking.

You can turn the power on and off according to a preset schedule. By automatically turning the lights on and off while you're away on a trip, you can make it appears as though someone is in the house to prevent burglars from entering.

Home Control

Conveniently turn devices in a room on and off anytime and anywhere. via your smartphone or tablet. You can also check and turn off a light in the living room on the first floor while lying in your bed upstairs. This provides an easy way to save on your electricity bills.

Connecting a smart plug and motion sensor or window/door sensor allows the lights to be automatically turned on by detecting movement when ou come home in the evening, or when you wake up at night to use the bathroom or go into another room.